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From Portland Oregon, on this International Day Of Peace, I wish for peace on earth.

As a pacifist, I hold the hope for peace close to my heart every day. We, as a people have it within our own power to create peace, sending out the vibrations of love and peace, that will ripple across our globe, reaching countries in a state of war, for the children of war-torn countries, and the refugees these wars have created, we must keep the hope for peace alive in our hearts, and on our minds.

All people, from every walk of life deserve a life of peace and prosperity, as a people, we must realize peace and justice are possible across the globe, finding solutions, spreading the good word and becoming a part of a movement both beautiful and selfless, so we may realize peace in our own lifetimes.

It's a simple concept really, peace through justice, fair and equal treatment for all people, all through peaceable means. I will flow with this idea, putting it out into the universe, creating my ripple of love and peace.

Being from the beautiful state of Oregon, we are blessed by many people, organizations and businesses that create a way to benefit global peace initiatives around our planet, improving the lives of people around the globe.

It is to these people I am most grateful for, people like the young woman profiled below, a young Peace Corps volunteer...

A Peace Corps volunteer had a dream to use the nutritious leaves of the moringa tree to improve the lives of women in West Africa

Lisa Curtis witnessed the challenges that rural communities in West Africa face, as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, she became one of those inspirational people that found a solution. 
What began as a solution to hunger, became something empowering to the women of West Africa, enriching the lives of all.

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There is an interesting story behind this post, an inspiration, when two paths crossed.

When my husband Todd, out on a quick trip to the grocery store encountered Alex Bacher,  Brand Ambassador for the company  Kuli Kuli Foodsat the grocery store giving coupons to shoppers, his passion for social justice and environmental causes piqued my husband's interest, they had a conversation about the work we both do to promote peace and prosperity globally. Upon returning home and telling me the story about what the company does, the products they created to bring stability, nutrition and sustainability to an impoverished Niger.
How could I not be inspired ? 

So, on this of International Peace Day as the meditation for global peace begins, be inspired to shop only the companies that benefit our global communities and be part of the international movement that flows toward peace and justice.

Join us for a Global-Synchronized Meditation and Prayer for Peace in hundreds of cities around the world. In 2012, 248 cities participated. Last year, 564 cities joined and, this year, our goal is 1000 cities ... Join us at 12:00 Noon in your local time zone for the Peace Wave or at the Global Synchronized time of 12:00 Noon PST // 7:00 PM GMT. Listen to the Global Broadcast or find a live event in your city. 

Read the inspiring story about Kuli Kuli here:


 Time to Be The Peace !

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