Saturday, November 30, 2013


Transitioning to new beginnings, again....

I have been reflecting on my life, my path has been rocky at times, but I have always been happy, even during the hard times. Many of us are finding a new way, a new beginning, whether it is a new career, a move to a new home, or a change in familial status, we remain happy, living simply in our lives.

Living simply is the key to happiness, unburdening our lives, getting rid of all the stuff that weighs us down, like a dark cloud above us, our earthly possessions, and want for more, not only add a burden to our lives, they add more stuff to our beautiful planet.

Be happy with the blessings you have, your space, your family and friends, nature with all of it's bounty and beauty. Be in love and at peace with the world. Shine your light on each person you see, walk in nature, lean against an ancient tree, love a pet and be loved. Giving love and peace will bring it all back around to you. What a wonderful life ~ A beautiful world ~ 

My gratitude for my beautiful Oregon, and the blessing of living in Lake Oswego. 

As I embark upon a new venture, I know that in the flow of happiness and love for nature, my Origins Oregon will be received with open arms and loving hearts. Encouraged by friends and family, I am hopeful that Origins Oregon finds success. I will follow my heart....with gratitude.

Peace ~ Holly

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