Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Encourage bees to come to your yard.... Sounds easy enough, and it is REALLY easy. Creating your own little bee space in your garden, patio or deck will prove to be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in your life. Just doing your part in saving and protecting the bees in your own environment will be important for our planet. Losing our pollinators will have devastating results for our food sources. 

Continue to sign petitions for a GMO free country, say no to pesticides, support your local farmer. Become a *Lovavore*...

Plant your bee garden, provide the housing and watch them come, creating beauty where they flit from bloom to bloom.

The Native Mason Bee

The most peaceful bee in nature...I know it seems strange but, the Mason Bee doesn't sting. Since I was a small child, I held them in my hand. Wonderful little creatures of various colors. 

For the love of bees...

Enjoy !

Be well and happy ~ Holly


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